Sinking Friendship

You make decisions, and you live with them. Some decisions make particularly bad roommates. I have not been a good friend. I long for close relationships in my life, but I have all but thrown out the ones I had when I was younger. The people who knew me well twenty-some years ago, don’t know... Continue Reading →

Faking Fruit

My blog has been quiet for a few weeks, but I have been writing. Flipping back through the pages of my notebook, I had trouble finding where I left off with my last blog. I have been busy, which is something I try to avoid. I'm exhausted and frustrated with the limitations of time for... Continue Reading →

That’s Just My Depression Talking

Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality. One moment, I am on my knees pleading with God to mold me into the woman He wants me to be. Then, before I know it, I am biting my tongue as impatience and frustration overwhelm me. I started off the week reflecting on this battle... Continue Reading →

Praying For Patience

Lately, I’ve had this thought that I should start a second blog so that I could complain anonymously. The thought was never more appealing than on a morning this week, when I had not yet consumed my full daily allowance of coffee, and I was being questioned about something that I was not ready to care about. I was... Continue Reading →

Operation Quit Complaining: Week 1

When I posted my blog last week, I didn’t fully realize how much it was going to impact my life in the days that followed. In a somewhat public manner, I had pledged that I wanted to stop complaining. I knew it was a challenge, but it was one that I perhaps underestimated. The first... Continue Reading →

Patience & Presumption

When I was twenty-two, I tried to marry the first man who I had ever had an actual relationship with. He called himself a Christian, and he said that he loved me, so I buried my doubts deep. I was determined to be with him and not miss my chance. The whole concept of grace... Continue Reading →

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