On Singleness and Puppies

When my elder nephew was about seven, my sister and I took him shopping with us. We happened to stop at a pet store to look at the puppies. He told us, “Maybe when you grow up you can get a dog.” “We are grown up,” I told him. “Oh,” he said, “well maybe when... Continue Reading →

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This week, I went on a bit of a "book-binge." I had been itching to read some fiction by one of my favorite Christian authors, and while I put it off for a bit, I finally gave in last Saturday night. I try not to let myself read too much fiction because I tend to let... Continue Reading →

Hope That is Seen is Not Hope

Earlier this week, I read a blog on the singles’ website of a well-known ministry. The writer was a woman who wanted to encourage singles not to give up hope for marriage, no matter how old they were. She wrote that many of her single women friends were choosing not to hope because it caused... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About What I Want

This week I learned something new: Not having children increases my risk for breast cancer. At thirty-nine, I had never had any reason to worry about breast cancer, as there is very little cancer in my family and no cases of breast cancer, that I know of (we have other problems, believe me!). But this... Continue Reading →

Reproduction Does Not Equal Success

There is a license plate frame I see often, which states, “Only the Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandma.” When I see it, I am never sure whether I want to be sick at the sentiment or laugh at the ridiculously false logic. Let’s face it, bad mothers are likely to be “promoted” early! In... Continue Reading →

Why I Call Myself a Spinster

I have an opinion about everything. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to share whatever I happen to be thinking. God created me to be a communicator. As the title character of the TV series “Monk” would say, “It’s a gift. . .and a curse.” As a communicator, I have always loved words, and I like to use... Continue Reading →

Got Perspective?

There are times when I think I’m right where I want to be, and somehow I’ve found contentment in this quiet, lonely life that God has given me. Usually, this is when I’m driving to work; especially if I am wearing my cowboy boots as I work the clutch of my 6-speed manual transmission. No... Continue Reading →

Patience & Presumption

When I was twenty-two, I tried to marry the first man who I had ever had an actual relationship with. He called himself a Christian, and he said that he loved me, so I buried my doubts deep. I was determined to be with him and not miss my chance. The whole concept of grace... Continue Reading →

Does God Really Delight in Us?

I’ve spent much of my adult life trying hard to not be myself. Unfortunately, I lack the focus required to keep up an act and go about doing the other things that life requires of me. It simply takes too much energy and concentration, and before I know it, my mask is off. I wrote... Continue Reading →

Should’ve Been A Cowgirl

Ever since I bought myself a pair of cowboy boots for my birthday last fall, I have had that Toby Keith song, Should’ve Been A Cowboy, in my head. Daddy did always say that he wanted to teach us to “Ride hard, shoot straight, and speak the truth.” [Later we added “drive stick shift” to... Continue Reading →

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