Silence is Golden

Silence. I’m not good at it. Family legend is that I didn’t begin speaking with single words, like most babies. I waited until I could put words together in sentences. They say that one day I just started talking, and I haven’t shut up since. It was one thing being called Little Miss Chatterbox in the... Continue Reading →

Absolutely All Circumstances

Of late, I have spent a lot of time considering the problem of complaining. Meanwhile, people in my life-people I love-are going through difficulty. It has sent me to my knees both literally and figuratively. I am praying for God to work powerfully, and I am praying for smaller works of faithfulness in the lives of... Continue Reading →

Operation Quit Complaining: Week 1

When I posted my blog last week, I didn’t fully realize how much it was going to impact my life in the days that followed. In a somewhat public manner, I had pledged that I wanted to stop complaining. I knew it was a challenge, but it was one that I perhaps underestimated. The first... Continue Reading →

I Choose Joy

The heat of Summer has descended upon Southern California, and with it, the usual complaining. It seems as though people here complain more about the weather than average. So, a few years ago, I decided that I was not going to join in any longer. Yesterday, I decided to take it a step further: I... Continue Reading →

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