The Story Isn’t Over

There were times when I looked at my life and could only see a series of disappointments. The life I wanted bore no resemblance to the life I had, and the sting of failure and rejection weighed me down. As a writer and storyteller, I had imagined my life to be a grand love story.... Continue Reading →

GOD Economics

In my past, there are some financial struggles. I was underemployed, and living in an area with a high cost of living. My family helped me, but God got me through. God helped me scrape by, get into better jobs, and eventually get out from under the debt I incurred in the lean years. Through... Continue Reading →

Sharing IS Caring

I grew up hearing the story of how my grandfather’s life was changed when he came to saving faith in Christ at a Navigators’ retreat. I also remember him talking about Dawson Trotman, the founder of The Navigators, but I didn’t have any context for the man or his ministry. After my grandfather’s death, I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee

I love coffee. Even if I weren't a caffeine addict, I would still love coffee.  I make my coffee for myself at home every day.  My coffeemaker has a timer on it, so that when I get out of bed each morning, I go straight to the kitchen where the coffee is already brewed and... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About What I Want

This week I learned something new: Not having children increases my risk for breast cancer. At thirty-nine, I had never had any reason to worry about breast cancer, as there is very little cancer in my family and no cases of breast cancer, that I know of (we have other problems, believe me!). But this... Continue Reading →

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