Fairytales and Other Pet Peeves

Someone treaded on a pet peeve of mine this week and stoked the flames of my true passion, which is to encourage others to live a life of undivided devotion to God. This blog exists because I feel called to exhort single women of all ages to live seeking God and not a spouse. Whatever... Continue Reading →

Identity Crisis: Resolved

The struggle of my thirties has been trying to figure out the answer to the pesky existential questions of life. Who am I? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to be? I had always identified myself as a future wife and mother. I saw myself staying at home, raising children, cooking,... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Eyes To Yourself!

Lust: whether it’s a member of the opposite sex or a Snickers bar, we have to manage temptation if we are to steer clear of sinful behavior. I wish I could say that I learned everything I need to know about self-control at Weight Watchers. That program definitely helped me get my gluttony under control,... Continue Reading →

Dear Church: It’s the Little Things

As a single person, it is easy to feel invisible at church. My church sent out a letter to the members, this week. Two letters arrived at my apartment, both addressed to “The Bentley Family.” It’s nothing new. When annual giving statements are sent, the same thing happens unless someone takes the time to handwrite... Continue Reading →

Hope That is Seen is Not Hope

Earlier this week, I read a blog on the singles’ website of a well-known ministry. The writer was a woman who wanted to encourage singles not to give up hope for marriage, no matter how old they were. She wrote that many of her single women friends were choosing not to hope because it caused... Continue Reading →

On Singleness and Puppies

When my elder nephew was about seven, my sister and I took him shopping with us. We happened to stop at a pet store to look at the puppies. He told us, “Maybe when you grow up you can get a dog.” “We are grown up,” I told him. “Oh,” he said, “well maybe when... Continue Reading →

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