The heat of the sun this week declared the arrival of Spring. The seasons remind us that change is a constant part of life. Yet we seem innately wary of change. Occasionally we like it, but often we fight it.  The world around us changes, our minds and bodies change, and it is outside of... Continue Reading →

Mid-May Musings

It’s springtime. Here in north Orange County, the jacaranda trees are beginning to bloom, and we are seeing the overcast morning skies of ‘June Gloom.’ This spring I discovered how wonderful orange blossoms smell. It shows how much this county has changed in the last fifty years, that this is my seventeenth spring here, and... Continue Reading →

On Singleness and Puppies

When my elder nephew was about seven, my sister and I took him shopping with us. We happened to stop at a pet store to look at the puppies. He told us, “Maybe when you grow up you can get a dog.” “We are grown up,” I told him. “Oh,” he said, “well maybe when... Continue Reading →

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