Get Used To Disappointment

At times this life can be so filled with disappointments and discouragement. We see this world around us is filled with sin, evil, disease, destruction, and despair; yet all of us have this idea in our minds of how good we think our lives should be or will be. It seems like we all set... Continue Reading →

The Positive Pessimist

Some see the glass as half-empty and others see it as half-full. Both are correct, so I am not sure that this idiom is really an indication of a person’s outlook. In my view, it is less about the current level of water in the glass, and more about how concerned a person is with... Continue Reading →

Bitter Roots or Happy Trails

I try to guard against bitterness, but sometimes it sneaks into my heart and flows out before I realize it. When I wrote Fairytales and Other Pet Peeves, I was concerned that perhaps I had been too negative, though it was not my intention. I think as we get older, we become more susceptible to... Continue Reading →

God Is My Matchmaker, Part I

I’m in full vacation-count-down mode for an upcoming trip to Montana with my sister. Some of my co-workers, Christians whom I count as friends, have begun a mantra of “Maybe you’ll meet a cowboy!” My last big vacation was to Hawaii, and prior to that trip, there was similar talk of me “meeting” a man.... Continue Reading →

I Choose Joy

The heat of Summer has descended upon Southern California, and with it, the usual complaining. It seems as though people here complain more about the weather than average. So, a few years ago, I decided that I was not going to join in any longer. Yesterday, I decided to take it a step further: I... Continue Reading →


This week, I went on a bit of a "book-binge." I had been itching to read some fiction by one of my favorite Christian authors, and while I put it off for a bit, I finally gave in last Saturday night. I try not to let myself read too much fiction because I tend to let... Continue Reading →

Hope That is Seen is Not Hope

Earlier this week, I read a blog on the singles’ website of a well-known ministry. The writer was a woman who wanted to encourage singles not to give up hope for marriage, no matter how old they were. She wrote that many of her single women friends were choosing not to hope because it caused... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About What I Want

This week I learned something new: Not having children increases my risk for breast cancer. At thirty-nine, I had never had any reason to worry about breast cancer, as there is very little cancer in my family and no cases of breast cancer, that I know of (we have other problems, believe me!). But this... Continue Reading →

Got Perspective?

There are times when I think I’m right where I want to be, and somehow I’ve found contentment in this quiet, lonely life that God has given me. Usually, this is when I’m driving to work; especially if I am wearing my cowboy boots as I work the clutch of my 6-speed manual transmission. No... Continue Reading →

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